Dementia - Social inequalities - Vulnerability

Here are some blog posts related to the CRISP project and, more generally, dementia, social inequalities and vulnerability/resilience.

MEDITAGING: Mindfulness-based intervention for older people

Deutsche Version – English version – versão em português MEDITAGING: Achtsamkeitstraining im Alter: Die Auswirkungen von achtsamkeitsbasierter Stressreduktion bei älteren portugiesischen Immigranten in Luxemburg Das schnelle Wachstum der älteren Bevölkerung … Continued

The situation in care homes during the pandemic

Last week I was invited to discuss the consequences of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the pandemic control measures on older adults at Radio 100komma7. We discussed how residents in … Continued

What we know about dementia prevention

You can find a blog post about known risk and protective factors in dementia here soon! We will also mention possible lifestyle changes to reduce risk of getting dementia based on evidence recently updated by the Lancet commission on dementia prevention and care.

Join the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) network

Since 2015, I have helped to form and develop the World Young Leaders in Dementia network – by the way, the new Steering Group is doing a marvelous job! The … Continued